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Empower USA Training Systems (ETS) strives to create and provide a positive experience of personal and professional growth and improvement by empowering our students, clients, employees and associates to take and maintain control of the mental, emotional, environmental and physical aspects of their lives, through participation in our martial arts-based and fitness-based programs.

Empower USA Training Systems goals include enhancement of the body, the mind and the soul, creating a condition of total wellness. Creating strong, healthy, confident people!

Tim Rochford

Empower USA Personal Safety Awareness and Self-Defense Preparedness Program

An act of violence can happen to anyone, at anytime, anywhere and even though we might not think being personally assaulted will happen to us or someone we know the threat still remains an everyday possibility.

Empower Personal Safety Awareness and Self-Defense Preparedness Program provides businesses and corporations valuable interaction and instruction to help enhance their existing employee wellness programs or as an employee benefit.

The ability to craft a program best suited to the goals you set with flexibility to adjust to any attendance size and adaptability to be held at your location are some of the added value Empower Training Systems offers.

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Empower USA Personal Safety Handbook

personal safety handbookThis comprehensive handbook makes for an empowering gift to help keep a loved one safe or as thoughtful giveaways to employees and customers. It contains detailed descriptions for and information about awareness, including how to use your natural senses, common sense and intuition!


Fitness Professionals you can now earn a A.C.E., NASM, and AFAA CEC/CEUs with Empower’s training/continuing education and certification.


Empower Martial Fitness Kickboxing

This newly released (January 2017) course is the most comprehensive Kickboxing/MMA Fitness Instructor training program in the industry, with CEC/CEU approvals by ACE (2.0), NETA (20), WITS, NASM and AFAA (pending)