Why Should Fitness Professionals Become Personal Safety/Self Defense Trainers?

Why Should Fitness Professionals Become Personal Safety/Self Defense Trainers?

Enhanced Mental, Emotional, Environmental and Physical Awareness

Developing a heightened state of awareness of what is happening around you, your emotional state, the emotional state of those around you and of your surroundings will provide more than a positive affect an individual’s personal safety, as well as everyday life.

Improved Physical Conditioning & Capabilities

Many physical benefits can be realized through self defense training (depending on how the training is implemented and executed), some of which include enhancement of the sense of balance, improved physical coordination, increased anaerobic capacity and muscle endurance, reduced negative stress and the ability to recognize and handle the “adrenaline rush.” Trainers will experience new and unique movement patterns.

Higher Levels of Efficacy

An individual believes in him or herself, in all aspects of life, as improvements in self confidence, self esteem, self respect, respect for others, communication skills, conflict resolution skills and emotional control are achieved through a properly structured, implemented and instructed self defense training.

In summary, learning (and learning to teach) self-defense offers an opportunity to diversify services, generate more income and enhance a person’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being!


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