Why Should Fitness Professionals Become Personal Safety/Self Defense Trainers?

Why Should Fitness Professionals Become Personal Safety/Self Defense Trainers?

Following is some of the more obvious personal and professional reasons for a fitness professional to become formally trained as a self defense instructor:

Expanded Skills & Greater Revenue Generation

Like getting education in new and innovative physical fitness training methodologies and programs, being formally trained in self defense can potentially:

  • open new markets (PE programs, industry, or occupation-specific clients, etc.) who initially might only want self-defense training, but end up being regular fitness clients, too (because the trainer educates the client about how important physical fitness is to personal safety),
  • increase trainer demand – the trainer has a broader base of services to offer, possibly separating him or her from the competition (other trainers), and
  • positively affect the bottom line – new services equate into greater income generation.

Improved Level of Personal Safety

The nature of an in-home trainer’s job places him or her at a higher risk than a trainer working in a club or private facility. Also, for anyone who interacts with other people in society or does any amount of traveling, there is a certain level risk (depending on many factors) to personal safety. By getting trained in self-defense, a fitness professional enhances his or her own level of personal safety, both on and off the job.

Article #6, the final segment of this series, will provide some final reasons why a fitness professional should consider becoming a self-defense instructor.


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