The following e-mails, letters and verbal comments have been made about the Empower Self Defense – Proactive Personal Security training program. These testimonials have been delivered by both instructor trainees and clients. Many of these include people who already had extensive martial arts and self defense training backgrounds. Please read on to see why you should get involved with our program!

“Really enjoyed the course. It put a different spin than the other CEC courses I’ve taken. Tim is obviously very passionate about self defense and I’ll bet he is one heck of an instructor!”    Bradley Jay Wheaton, Fitness Specialist/Personal Trainer, Millinuket, ME

“Although I have been studying traditional martial arts for many years now (Tae Kwon Do & Hapkido), the Empower system taught me some practical techniques and  areas to improve!” Gregory L. Cartledge, Physician MD, Syracuse, NY

“Tim – I wanted to send you a thank you for the training that myself and the two other Park Rangers from the US Army Corps of Engineers did with you this past February. The Empower Self Defense Instructor Training System was a well thought out, planned, and executed training program that provided a very basic but effective system of strikes, evasion, redirection, and escape techniques.

At first I was skeptical of the home study portion of the program. However, after completing the 33 hours of at home instruction I found it to be very worthwhile before heading out to train with you. The at home study provided a way to become familiar with the physical skills that you would teach us in-person. By doing this, we could concentrate on more mastering the basics, but were also able to go on to more advanced techniques such as weapons self defense. The portion of the program that covers awareness as a means of avoiding potentially dangerous situations is something that we take very seriously as Park Rangers and is always our first “defense”.

In our first four months as Empower Personal Protection “Instructors” we received tremendous reviews from those that we taught.  We consistently received e-mails and phone calls from those who went through the training saying that it was the best training that they received since going through any program for the Corps of Engineers. Tim, you have produced a very effective program of self defense instruction that will now be the standard for at least the New England District of the Corps of Engineers.  Other districts are currently looking into transitioning to this program as their Visitor Assistance training for personal protection.” Jennifer S. / Park Ranger / Hopkinton Everett Lakes / US Army Corps of Engineers / Contoocook, NH

“Hi Tim, Thank you for your great session on Self-defense at our Support Staff retreat. You had a great turnout and everyone who attended wanted more time.  Suggestions have been to bring you back on campus for a class. Guess, we will have to talk to the continuing education some more! Thanks again for your participation and being a wonderful presenter! Glenna S. Jones, SPHR Director of Human Resources, Illinois Valley Community College

“You totally deserve all the praise you receive! You are an amazing instructor. Thank YOU. You maintain a professional and informative manner throughout the entire video, but I love the way you keep it light with the others in your videos (kickboxing videos as well) and manage to have a few laughs while presenting valuable material thoroughly. That makes it more personal and light and not robotic at all as many instructional videos can be. Kudos to you Tim!” –Patty Benson Physics Department Office Manager Bridgewater State College

“I just received your PPS course in the mail, having ordered it through NESTA. Although I just started working through the manual this afternoon, I am really impressed with the amount of material in it and background and philosophy it contains. FYI, I have studied self-defense for about 20 years through various Japanese, Korean, and Israeli martial arts, being more concerned with learning than with rank (although I did manage to earn a black belt in Tae Kwon Do along the way). I’m an NRA certified firearms instructor, and was Senior Chaplain with a town police department for five years, through which I received extensive use-of-force training. Your course is right on the money, and I’m looking forward to completing it. Thank you for a very thorough program.” – Chip Hammond Former Senior Chaplain with the Leesburg, VA Police Department