The following e-mails, letters and verbal comments have been made about the Empower Self Defense – Proactive Personal Security training program. These testimonials have been delivered by both instructor trainees and clients. Many of these include people who already had extensive martial arts and self defense training backgrounds. Please read on to see why you should get involved with our program!

“Although I have been studying traditional martial arts for many years now (Tae Kwon Do & Hapkido), the Empower system taught me some practical techniques and  areas to improve!” Gregory L. Cartledge, Physician MD, Syracuse, NY

“I wish Tim Rochford’s dojo was here in New Mexico so I could attend his school!”    Philip Purpura, CFT, Edgewood, NM

“The program is very well done. Practice, train and condition. Tim has developed a no-nonsense personal protection program. The rest is up to you!” Douglas Ballard, ISSA CPT, SSC & Self Defense Practitioner, Albany, OR

“Mr. Rochford, Thank you so much for the exceptional presentation of self defense material. I have learned a great deal from it and can’t wait to learn more! I am so glad that this information was offered to renew my personal training certification! Thank you! Wonderful class!”  Melanie C., Reno, NV

“I have never given ALL high scores on an evaluation – and in honesty, this course deserves the highest scores. It held my attention from beginning to end. It repeated very important information (which I will not forget). It was challenging. It made sense. It provided more than I had hoped for. I will continue to use the material!  Violette E., Ringwood, NJ

“This is an excellent course for the novice or professional! Great job Empower Training Systems!”   Lonnie M., Edison, NJ

“Very well thought out course. Straight to the point. I actually increased my knowledge of body mechanics and kinesiology by taking this course. Thank you for a well designed course of instruction!”    Andrew P., Williamsburg, VA


My experience with the martial arts includes training in Aikido, Aikijitsu, Judo, Jujitsu, Shotokan Karate, and The Shaolin Five Animal System.  I have been teaching for over ten years so I am well aware of what works and what does not when it comes to self-defense.

The PPS system not only works – it is one of the highest quality and effective systems for self-defense I have experienced to date.  The reason I make this claim is simple.  When it comes to personal security and self-defense, simplicity is the key.

Short, quick, targeted, and powerful techniques work while complicated tactics tend to fail.  As a matter of fact, the only injuries I have ever experienced while practicing self-defense were self-induced.  If I had kept things simple, the way the PPS System recommends, those injuries would have never occurred.

Based on my hands-on experience and hundreds of hours of self-defense practice; I can tell you that the PPS System is a real value.  The course spells out all the practical elements of personal security plus provides in depth explanations that aid in the development of the sixth sense.  Most programs neglect that aspect of self-defense but in my opinion, it is the deciding factor in any hostile environment.

And in addition to the environmental awareness aspects, the program also provides functional training methods that will help create power and stability when executing self-defense principals.  Most other programs fall short on the importance of functional training.  But the PPS System provides all the practical instruction needed so that form and function are executed with perfection.

The simplicity of the PPS System makes it extremely effective and I would recommend this program to anyone involved in personal security, the martial arts, or the fitness industry.  This is a must have system for individuals that are interested in helping, teaching, and protecting others.”Mike Evelsizer, 4th Degree Black Belt and Riai Aikido Instructor, Riai Aikido and Self Defense, 799 Heath Lane, Streetsboro, Ohio

“The course was everything you promised, and I found it to be a fantastic resource.  It really focuses on empowering the students, which is exactly what I was hoping for.  And all the behavioural and awareness information and the focus on how to avoid conflict was just perfect – it was everything that I found to be missing from self-defense discussions in traditional Martial Arts training. The Phase 2 course showed practical, easy to use loosening & escape techniques that anyone can learn to use. I’ll definitely be looking for Phase 3.” -Jim Lane, Canada

“Very impressed with the material – thorough! The content of both the video and the manual provide excellent instruction to formulate a self defense workshop.” – Karen L. Marts Hilton Head Island, SC A.C.E. Personal Trainer

“As a life-long martial artist, instructor, bodyguard and police officer, I have seen a large volume of programs, most of which suffer when it comes to practicality. I have witnessed, directly and first-hand, while on the job in law enforcement, the tragedies that occur when uninformed, untrained people haplessly meander into a predator’s snare. Instructor Rochford’s program succeeds where others failed, in that it addresses the most important aspect of personal security and awareness.

I personally plan to incorporate many aspects of Tim’s program into my own self defense system. I truly and sincerely mean this when I unequivocally state, “this program could save your life!” I full endorse the Empower Training System’s Proactive Personal Security Self Defense Training program!”
– Bill Clark, Martial Artist, Bodyguard, Law Enforcement Officer Binghamton, NY

“ETS’s Proactive Personal Security program will make anyone safer, period. Doesn’t matter if your new, old, or a teacher in martial arts you will be safer and more knowledgeable taking this course. It is very in-depth with statistics and methods for even just walking down the street. I highly recommend it to anyone, anywhere.” – Scott Buendia ACE Certified Personal Trainer

“I just received the subject course in the mail. I already have more than enough CEU’s to renew all of my certifications (8 plus a black belt in Tae Kwon Do), but I was so excited to notice your self defense teachers’ course that I couldn’t resist a few extra CEU’s…    I have always wanted to teach such a class and yours is structured exactly the way I would like to teach it. It takes all the tough planning out of the process for me. I really appreciate the emphasis on awareness and conflict assessment as well as the attention to the philosophy of self defense. I have been teaching cardio kickbox classes for some time and I worry that class participants may feel a little too empowered because they get to act ‘aggressive’ in a cardio class environment.  While we have a good time and we like to visualize an opponent when kicking and punching, I try to mention from time to time that it is simply an aerobic workout and we are not teaching actual self defense techniques. In fact, many of the kicks I teach especially have been adapted for safe execution by a novice and are not the pivoting kicks we actually do in martial arts. However, I can tell that they really are interested in learning self defense, so your course is very timely.” – Linda Banning Fitness Instructor

“The course was clear and concise; the instructor is really trying to make certain that the students understand the material as opposed to being purposely vague, as with some other courses.” – Louis Battle Chicago, IL Personal Trainer

“Well rounded physical and mental preparation program.” – Lisa Aiumu Bellingham, WA

“I have been studying self defense for 26 years. This is one of the best programs I have seen. I look forward to more of these courses!” -Tim Thomas, Manchester, NH

Challenging, fun, different and informative! It was a lot of work, but worthwhile – left me with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction! Thank you!” – Karen Peltola, Fitness Instructor; Bowdoinham, NJ

Very informative and interesting, I couldn’t stop reading! A great course! I highly recommend it! – Alison Hemmer, Staten Island, NY, Certified Personal Trainer

“Tons of valuable information – more than what I expected. Great course!” – Marcus Ortiz, Personal Trainer, Miami, FL

“Tim, what a great course. It’s very thorough, realistic and informative. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Keep me posted on how I can get the rest of the training Phase!”– Greg Keating , Vancouver, BC

Empower self defense training is great! I watched video and read the manual – 3 times for each! I plan to continue practicing! Thanks ETS! – Ron Craycraft, Grosse ILE, MI, Vehicle Primary Designer

Very informative and interesting, I couldn’t stop reading! A great course! I highly recommend it! – Alison Hemmer, Staten Island, NY, Certified Personal Trainer