Following are some of the hundreds of testimonials Empower Training Systems has received regarding the Martial Fitness Kickboxing Instructor Training program.

Instructor Training Program Testimonials

“This course is amazing. It is so well put together. I want to take more courses through this company.”  Joanna Vandervlugt, Champs Personal Training, BC, Canada

“When choosing a course for CECs I always feel overwhelmed. This course was excellent – great manual with pictures & videos. I’m so glad I picked it and will recommend it to others!  Catherine Basu, Houston, TX

“Training material is very thorough and easy to understand!”   Justin Spanko, Instructor, L A, CA.

“Great format! Easy to follow & content was complete/relevant. Thanks!   Cassandra Clements, Poulsbo, WA

“This course was very helpful in learning proper techniques & combinations to further my knowledge and career as a personal trainer.”    Winfrey W. White, Personal Trainer, Virginia Beach, VA

“The Martial Fitness Kickboxing course was already great, but FitStrike brought it to another level! The ‘Skills, Drills & Workout Routines’ video and manual were a definite plus!”    Justin Isaacs, Personal Trainer, Always in Motion Training, California

“The instructor was very well articulated and presented everything clearly and I loved the attention to proper form!”  Rima Balch, Fitness Professional, Denver, CO

“The educational content of this course (FitStrike) is very well organized, detailed and very easy to follow. The validity of the material is supported and demonstrated in the photo content of the manuals as well as the instructional DVD set. The transitions from objective to objective is smooth and precise and aids in the learning process. The format includes both narrative and video content that is delivered in a positive, practical and creative fashion. It allows the ability to assess both educational and practical skills learned. The ‘Drill’ segment is loaded with challenging skills that can be exercised with all class structures and client activity levels. The author, Tim Rochford, definitely describes an underlying energy and enthusiasm for this course. This home study course is as close to a live conference as one can get.”   JJ Brandt, Personal Trainer & Nurse, Michigan

“This course (FitStrike) is one-of-a-kind. Very informative and thoroughly explained all aspects of the subjects covered. It touched on a lot of topics that are often over-looked. I really enjoyed this course!”  Gina Palazzolo, Personal Trainer at GP Training, Michigan

“Although I have been teaching a cardio kickboxing class for a few years, this course (Martial Fitness Kickboxing Fitness Instructor Training) has allowed me to correct and perfect my technique as well as opening my mind to different class formats.  Thank you!” Kathy Mercer, Aerobics Instructor, Langley, BC, Canada

“Exceptional study and reference guide – well organized, easy-to-follow. Pictures, step-by-step, following descriptive material were very helpful! As a mind/body fitness instructor, these materials provide an additional opportunity to teach ‘whole body’ exercises, which improve coordination, balance, core strength, endurance and optimal range of motion.” Jean Campbell Dallas, TX ACE certified Personal Trainer Certified Pilates Instructor

“I really enjoyed the course. As a martial arts participant myself (Black Belt – ATA), I was very pleased with the course content. I probably can’t use all of what was covered in the course because I work with adults with developmental disabilities, but the basic concepts can be taught to just about anyone! Thanks for a great course!” Brian Hinn Coon Rapids, MN Martial Artist & Certified Fitness Professional

“I’ve taught Hi/Lo impact aerobics for 15 years and I’ve really become interested in kickboxing. I must admit, I was a little overwhelmed at first because the style is very different from what I am used to teaching. However, the manual and videos were so very thorough that it helped me feel much more comfortable during the learning process. The videos were most helpful; especially when Tim broke down each movement. Seeing it from different angles was very beneficial to learning proper execution. After much practice and watching (and re-watching) the videos, I am now feeling very confident in my abilities! I’ve taken many correspondence courses over the years and this ranks as one of the best, simply because of its thoroughness and specific concerns for safety and proper execution of movements. Thanks for a wonderful introduction to another type of fitness workout……I’m hooked!” Peggy M. Bailey Certified Fitness Professional

“I really enjoyed this course. Very well organized, well explained and a great learning tool, excellent videos. I would gladly recommend this course to other trainers.” Kenneth Hinkle Wickliffe, OH Personal Trainer & LifeStyle & Weight Management Consultant

“Fabulous course – very professionally done. Liked pictures & videos. I am an experiential learner – really liked explanations in manual regarding what was happening with the muscles during each move.” Linda Byers London, Ontario, Canada Certified Personal Trainer

“I teach martial arts and am an ACE certified fitness professional. The material was an excellent resource and presented a sound base of fundamentals.” Eldon Thompson, Ruckersville, VA

“This course took my teaching experience and ability to the next level. It was an awesome course!”     Carole Curd, Gilbert, AZ Kickboxing Instructor

“This was a very enjoyable and educational course for me. It allowed me to combine theory with practical experience. Thank you!” Londa M. Burton Clark Mills, NY Teacher & Family Advocate


I just completed and mailed the Fitness Kickboxing Instructor exam to you.  I must say, In my 20 plus years in the fitness industry, this one was most challenging (in a good sort of way).  I look forward to seeing my results and ordering more CEC’s through your organization. Thank you! – Sandra Schranck


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I feel like you’ll never know how appreciative I am for what you did for me. Thank you for taking the time to contact me personally.  You scooped me up out of my dilemma.  I am so grateful.  I plan to never find myself in that scenario again.  I am excited to fill out the evaluation form. Your course was “awesome.”  I typically try to attend “live” conferences because I’m a ” hands on” kind of learner, but since I’ve have my 3 little boys (2,3,5) and work full time as an emergency room RN, its harder to squeeze them in. So I really appreciated taking your course at home. I learned alot. It was challenging, energetic and yet easy to follow. Just so you know, kickboxing fitness is my ultimate favorite! I wish I could thank you in person, but I hope with this you know how much all this means to me.
Again, a huge thank you!!! and best wishes, JJ Brandt, Michigan

I absolutely love martial arts and your course was thorough.  I hope I can be an empowering, exciting instructor.  I have been involved in Taekwondo for many years and more recently in the past 3 years, Krav Maga and kickboxing.  This course was great.  Thank you for the course! Best regards to you.  – Nancy Lennarson

Tim, how are you? I’m just sending this note to give you some very positive feedback on your Fitness Kickboxing Certification, which I completed about a year ago. A few months after passing your course I met with the group fitness program director of a popular local gym in my area of New Jersey. Although they had long ago dropped kickboxing from their schedule do to the art falling out of favor and popularity, I managed to convince her to offer a one-time trial class sometime during the busy Saturday morning schedule. I asked her to give it a shot to see how it rated with the members (a tough group of cardio class veterans, I can tell you). Based largely on your class structure examples, combo drills, and technique guidelines, I outlined a one hour class and led it the following Saturday after my meeting. To make a long story short, it was a smash. The class was immediately added to the schedule and since then (about three months ago) has become hands-down one of the most popular and consistently busy classes on the schedule. I managed, with your help, to bring kickboxing fitness back to life in this region. So once again, thanks for the awesome program. I look forward to taking future classes through your program and if your ever in the Jersey area, jump in on the class. Talk to you soon. Charlie DeFazio