Self Defense Program Options

EmpowerUSA Personal Safety & Self Defense training program has a variety of courses available for the public, corporations, organizations and/or any special interest group. Listed below are the currently existing training options. However, EmpowerUSA can custom design, develop, implement, and facilitate training programs that meet the specific needs of any client.



  • STEP 1 (VIRTUAL OR LIVE!) – Introduction to Personal Safety & Self Defense Training

    – a 45- to-75-minute presentation to attendees about what is involved and included in a practical, realistic, and effective personal safety awareness and physical self-defense skills training program. The presentation finishes with a Q & A session during which attendees can ask questions!

  • STEP 2 – Intro to Self Defense Training

    – a 1.5-to-2-hour workshop that provides interaction (verbal and physical) between the participants and the instructor. Participants get a preview of the skill training and instructional methods involved in EmpowerUSA’s program. This second STEP provides the participants with a chance to experience a quality training program before committing to a more comprehensive training course.

  • STEP 3 – EmpowerUSA’s Personal Safety & Self Defense Training

    – The complete program consists of four training PHASES. Each phase emphasizes training in the 4 types of awareness (mental, emotional, environmental, and physical) and the concept of “recognition and avoidance”. EmpowerUSA will meet with client representatives to identify and determine what a custom-designed training program will include for the specific client. Training options include:

    • PHASE 1 – participants learn and practice basic striking, blocking & evasion techniques.
      • Learn the mechanics required to execute strikes and movements in the most proficient, powerful, and effective manner possible.
      • Discover the “Adrenaline Rush”
      • Learn primary and secondary targets for each strike.
      • Learn what body parts can be used as weapons.
      • Learn what “weapons” you carry with you every day.
      • Learn about the importance of physical fitness.
    • PHASE 2 – learn and practice methods for releasing and escaping from various holds and grabs (bear hugs, chokes, hammer locks, head locks, hair grabs, and many, many more).
      • Learn when and how to follow-up an escape with proper evasion movements combined with either striking techniques or “exit the scene”.
    • PHASE 3 – (optional) learn and practice self-defense techniques against weapons (knife, gun, bat, etc.). Learn and practice weapon self-defense concepts, “Distract & Attack”, and discover a new “Adrenaline Rush”.
    • PHASE 4 – Specific training for the participant’s environment. This Phase can be adapted to the needs of the specific client (flight attendants, real estate, college student, salesperson, etc.).
      • Learn how to apply self-defense theory, concepts, and strategies to specific work-related environments. May include training for multiple attack, ground fighting, carjacking, etc.

NOTE: All training programs are modified and adapted to meet the specific needs of the client (Families, Seniors, Law Enforcement, Loss Prevention, College Students, etc.).

The EmpowerUSA Personal Safety & Self Defense Training program:

  • Develops a comprehensive mental and emotional base of knowledge, and
  • Provides realistic and practical physical experiences to all participants.

The goal is to develop and enhance mental, emotional, environmental, and physical awareness skills to create a greater level of personal security. Heightened awareness enables a person to avoid or deal with conflict situations more effectively. There is in-depth training in the physical aspects of self defense. Physical confrontation MUST always be the last choice of action. However, it may sometimes be unavoidable. As in any other physical activity, the body requires a “frame of reference” for self-defense techniques and movements, from which to react efficiently and effectively. If specific self defense movements and techniques have never been performed – the power, speed, coordination, and reaction time required to make the techniques and movements effective, will be difficult, if not impossible to achieve.

The biomechanics of each technique and movement must be analyzed and taught to provide the greatest potential for efficiency, power, and speed, based on an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. In other words, physical self-defense training is tailored to everyone’s needs, skills and physical capabilities.

An aggressor’s physical characteristics must also be considered when reacting to an “attack”. How these factors can, should and will influence the necessary decisions to be made during a confrontation is thoroughly covered. There is little time to think when an attack happens. Many decisions must be made instantly and constantly during the duration of an act of aggression. The knowledge and experience “groundwork” must be laid prior to potentially violent confrontations to react calmly and make the “best” decisions for the specific incident. THAT IS THE EXPERIENCE WE PROVIDE IN THIS PROGRAM!


Within your specified parameters, we can:

  • Teach the program.
  • Train your Staff to teach.
  • Custom Design a Personal Security Program based on your specifications, including the development of required course materials (Manuals, Videos, etc).
  • Do Program Consulting, providing guidance and instruction for any part of your existing program.


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