SAFE & STRONG! Program

SAFE & STRONG! is a unique program that combines:

  • General fitness training activities for cardiovascular and muscular conditioning, flexibility, balance, coordination, agility, reaction time and cognitive function,
  • Self-defense and kickboxing-specific physical conditioning activities, and
  • Realistic, practical, and effective self-defense physical skills and personal safety awareness (mental, emotional, environmental, and physical) training!

The creator of SAFE & STRONG!, Tim Rochford, is a 7th degree black belt in Kajukenbo Karate, and has a Master’s degree in Exercise Science. He has been providing self-defense training on a national and international basis since 1984. His clients have ranged from private individuals to large corporations and organizations. He has also designed and developed kickboxing fitness instructor training and self-defense instructor training programs for fitness professionals (approved for continuing education), martial arts professionals and Physical Education teachers.

Rochford disagrees with the claims made by many kickboxing fitness programs – “learn to protect yourself while getting in shape!” These programs falsely equate the ability to execute real self-defense techniques in high stress situations with the ability to do so in the safe environment of a fitness class! He recognized that many extremely important components of a comprehensive, practical, and realistic self-defense training program were missing from kickboxing fitness classes, some of which include:

  • Awareness training – mental, emotional, environmental, and physical
  • Evasion – how to effectively move away and be positioned during a conflict situation
  • Striking technique application – efficient execution, accurate focus, power-generated, combination flow and more!
  • Loosening/Escape techniques – how to loosen and escape from various grabs and holds
  • How to use Recognition & Avoidance, and Effective Communication
  • Actual practice against simulated attacks!

Rochford states, “you cannot learn self-defense in a fitness class, but you can get fit while learning practical, realistic and effective self-defense with a trainer who is skilled and knowledgeable in both areas.” This is the purpose of SAFE & STRONG! and the mission of EmpowerUSA, Inc.

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