SAFE & STRONG! Instructor Training

SAFE & STRONG! is designed with 5 six-week sessions (2 classes/week), that provides:
  • Physical conditioning designed and facilitated according to established and proven exercise science principles,
  • Realistic, practical, and effective physical self-defense skills training, and
  • Comprehensive Personal Safety Awareness (mental, emotional, environmental, and physical) information and instruction.
SAFE & STRONG! includes many extremely important components of a comprehensive, practical, and realistic self-defense training program, which are missing from typical fitness kickboxing classes.
  • Awareness (mental, emotional, environmental, and physical) training
  • Evasion, Re-direction, and Striking techniques
  • Loosening/Escape techniques for various grabs and holds
  • How to use Recognition & Avoidance, and Effective Communication, and
  • Actual practice against simulated attacks!
The SAFE & STRONG! Instructor Training program empowers:

Instructors/Trainers by providing the knowledge and skills training necessary to safely and effective combine fitness/conditioning programs with realistic, practical & effective self-defense training! This program provides everything needed for success, including:

  • In-depth instructor/trainer education and skill development, with continuing education credits for certified fitness professionals
  • Program structure and curriculum plans
  • Access to equipment discounts
  • Marketing support and resources
  • Revenue driving ideas and options for instructors and trainers
  • And much more!

EmpowerUSA’s vision for the SAFE & STRONG! program includes national recognition, with an extremely high demand for instructors and trainers.

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