Martial Fitness Kickboxing

Martial Fitness Kickboxing, updated with new information, is the most comprehensive Kickboxing/MMA Fitness Instructor training program in the industry. This is a blending of the old revision Martial Fitness Kickboxing course and the FitStrike course with new information added in!

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This newly released (2017) course provides the following:

1 Instructor Training manual that includes:

  • Learn to explain, demonstrate, and instruct the safe and proper execution of the Stances, Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut, Knee Strike, Palm Heel, Front Kick, Defensive Side Kick, Step Side Kick, Roundhouse Kick, Inside Crescent Kick, Outside Crescent Kick, Back Kick, Elbow strikes, Bob and Weave, Blocks, and Foot Movement Patterns.
  • Identification of primary joint movements involved in each technique.
  • Discussion of safety concerns associated with each movement / technique.
  • Information about technique execution modifications necessary to prevent injury.
  • Instruction of the concept of beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of participation, as related to both skill and conditioning of individual participants.
  • Identification of the important concepts and factors that influence kickboxing fitness class design, related to Class Structure, Class Formats, and Balanced Workouts
  • How to evaluate, plan the use of, and use kickboxing training equipment.
  • Descriptions of the basic equipment characteristics that influence the safe and proper use in an exercise class environment.
  • Identification of desired kickboxing fitness instructor qualifications.
  • Guidelines to use when evaluating potential instructor training resources.
  • How to plan and teach basic to advanced level choreography utilizing individual techniques and basic combinations.
  • How to explain and physically demonstrate, and instruct choreography patterns, and be aware of and understand the factors affecting choreography instruction.
  • Skills, Drills and Workout Routines – information for non-choreography-type classes! This manual provides in-depth information on circuit or interval type classes that may or may not use equipment. All drills, skills and workout routines described in this manual can be performed with or without equipment! This book (and the accompanying video) provides instruction on several dozen brand new kickboxing/ MMA skills and drills that can be performed without equipment, on heavy bags, on focus pads, with medicine balls and using elastic tubing. The manual also contains some actual Class Plan examples for 8 week sessions!

4 Instructor DVDs

  • Technique – demonstrates and explains safe and proper performance of all techniques. Also provides guidance for teaching the techniques and observing performance.
  • Focus Pad – demonstrates and explains safe and proper use of Focus Pads. Also provides guidance for teaching the use of this equipment, observing equipment use AND several drills using the equipment.
  • Skills, Drills & Workout Routines – this video demonstrates how to perform and teach dozens of different kickboxing/MMA training skills & drills! Detailed instructions for each skill, drill and workout routine shown on the video are documented in the Instructor Manual. “Improvement Metrics”, for every skill, drill and workout routine, are provided for instructors to use to keep training participants motivated.
  • Choreography – if you still teach rhythmic, choreographed classes to music, this course provides instruction on how to safely and effectively lead this class format. The DVD provides some choreography combinations that you can use!

CEC/CEU approvals by ACE (2.0), NETA (20), WITS (20), NASM (1.9) & AFAA (15 hours)

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