Program History

Empower Training Systems founder Tim Rochford began teaching self defense in 1982. The program was initially named Dynamic Personal Defense Systems.

The name ‘Dynamic’ was used because Rochford recognized that each new training group required a program that could dynamically change or be custom-designed to meet each client’s specific needs. Thus, the philosophy behind the core program was ‘born’ and has continued to evolve with each new training experience.

Program Philosophy

The Empower Self Defense program – the word “Proactive” is the key to our self defense philosophy, “The best defense is a prepared offense.”

Our goal is to Proactively EMPOWER our participants by developing and enhancing Awareness (Mental, Emotional, Environmental and Physical), knowledge and physical skill through our training programs.

Training and Information

Instructor training

– developing self defense instructors, beginners to advanced levels. Also includes continuing education (A.C.E., NASM, and AFAA CEC/CEU accredited) & certification. National, regional and local training available – for info click here

Client self-defense training

– for individuals, private groups, public groups, corporations, organizations, etc.) – for info, click here

Fitness Professional CEC/CEU information

• To view our distance learning / home study course packages, click here

• To see videos of some of our training events, click here