Instructor Training/Continuing Education/Specialty Certification Program

Empower Training Systems’ Martial Fitness Kickboxing instructor training, specialty certification and continuing education program provides in-depth information, practical experience and the highest quality fitness kickboxing training available.

The Martial Fitness Kickboxing program provides beginner and experienced instructors with the information, skills and knowledge necessary to provide kickboxing fitness clients and class participants with safe and effective training programs.

The new Martial Fitness Kickboxing program consists of Continuing Education (A.C.E., NASM, WITS & NETA) via:

  • A CEC/CEU-approved home study course that provides in-depth knowledge and skill training.
  • Numerous live workshops that cover subject areas like training skills, drills, workout routines, choreography, and much more!
  • Multi-level Kickboxing Fitness Specialty Certification (CAQ) via a combination of both distance learning coursework and a live practical training workshop.
  • p2 Force

    Patented, versatile and functional resistance training equipment