Kickboxing Fitness Personal Training

EmpowerUSA Kickboxing Fitness Personal Training

EmpowerUSA has been teaching kickboxing fitness programs since 1984, when Tim was competing as an amateur kickboxer in the Chicago area.

EmpowerUSA has been training and developing kickboxing fitness instructors since 1995 via live workshops and correspondence training programs. Tim co-authored A.C.E.’s original Kickboxing Fitness Training Manual. He then authored his own training manual, Martial Fitness Kickboxing, in 1997.

You can now enjoy EmpowerUSA’s Kickboxing Fitness training workouts on your own, anywhere you want to work out. Tim will provide you with expert program design and individual coaching that will guide you to reach your personal SMART Goals. Equipment not required!

Contact Tim now to find out all the details of EmpowerUSA’s ‘remote’ Kickboxing Fitness Personal Training program! Begin your new journey to a higher quality of life today!

EmpowerUSA has a new program! It is called SAFE & STRONG! – it combines science-based fitness conditioning with REAL self-defense training! If you are interested in learning more about the SAFE & STRONG! program, click the link or contact EmpowerUSA.

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