EmpowerUSA Kickboxing Fitness Instructor Training

EmpowerUSA has been training and developing kickboxing fitness instructors since 1995 via live workshops and correspondence training programs. Tim co-authored A.C.E.’s original Kickboxing Fitness Training Manual. He then authored his own training manual, Martial Fitness Kickboxing, in 1997.

EmpowerUSA’s newest course, Kickboxing Fitness Instructor Training, is a progression from the original Martial Fitness Kickboxing course. The new course provides all the same in-depth information as The Martial Fitness Kickboxing course but now includes dozens of NEW skills,drills, and workout routines that can be safely and effectively implemented into classes for any fitness or skill level participant. Instructors who complete EmpowerUSA’s Kickboxing Fitness Instructor Training program are the best of the best in the fitness industry. There is no existing training program that matches the content of this instructor training program!


Programs are available for:
Certified fitness professionals:
Professional benefits
  • Become the best of the best, of kickboxing fitness instructors
  • Earn CEC/CEUs towards fitness re-certifications
  • Earn Specialty Certification through EmpowerUSA
Physical education professionals:
Professional benefits
  • Learn how to teach kickboxing fitness in a PE environment
  •  Potentially earn CPDU credit for teaching certifications, and
  •  Earn Specialty Certification through EmpowerUSA
This course is CEC/CEU approved by:
  • WITS 20 hours
  • ACE for 20 hours
  • NETA for 20 hours
  • NASM for 19 hours

Course Material Packaging Options include:

  • Online : $219

    Take the course here on our website.

  • Electronic : $239 + Free shipping

    We’ll send you a flash drive with the course materials.

  • Blended : $259 + $20 shipping

    We’ll send you a hard copy of the manual and a flash drive with the course materials.

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