By blending our previous Martial Fitness Kickboxing version and the FitStrike course, with new information added in, Empower Training Systems’ latest Martial Fitness Kickboxing program is the most comprehensive Kickboxing/MMA Fitness Instructor training program in the industry.

The Empower Martial Fitness Kickboxing training program is for:

  • Group fitness instructors
  • Personal trainers
  • Physical education teachers, or
  • Anyone who would like to learn how to teach safe and effective kickboxing fitness workouts in group and/or personal training-type formats!

Instructor Training and Training Method Options

Home Study

– Empower Training Systems offers the most comprehensive MMA / Kickboxing Fitness instructor training home study training available. Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own environment.


Empower Training Systems offers a variety of CEU/CEC accredited (A.C.E., NASM, AFAA, NETA, WITS) training workshops covering subject areas such as:

  • Program and class design based on skill and fitness levels of participants,
  • Biomechanics /kinesiology of movement and technique performance,
  • Safety in movement and technique performance,
  • Drills and skills that can be used in group classes or with personal training clients,
  • Choreographed routines,
  • Circuit/interval workout design,
  • Proper Equipment use, and
  • much, much more!

We can custom design workshops specific to the needs of a sponsoring facility or organization. For more detailed information about available workshops, contact us!

Master Classes¹

Master Classes are used to provide experience in the practical application of workshop or home study instruction, into a real-life fitness class environment.

Empower Training Systems always recommends performance of a Master Class immediately following any workshop instruction to give instructor trainees experience of practical application.

This also gives facility members a chance to experience a workout that may be offered in their facility. (¹CEU/CECs are not awarded for Master classes).

Continuing Education

The Empower Training Systems Kickboxing Fitness training is on-going. ETS offers endless continuing education and instructor support! Instructors can always find new ideas and workout methods to keep classes fresh and motivating through the ETS continuing education menu of workshops and home study courses! We want you to grow in your career. We want to empower you to become the best of the best!

Fitness Industry CEC/CEU (Continuing Education Credits)

All Empower Training Systems MMA / Kickboxing Fitness training (home study and live workshop) is accredited for continuing education credit for A.C.E., NASM, AFAA, NETA & WITS. For other certification organizations, check with us for CEC/CEU accreditation status.

Certificate of Advanced Qualification Training (CAQ)

The Empower Training Systems’ CAQ (Certificate of Advanced Qualification) program includes both a comprehensive curriculum and practical experience that provides the tools, knowledge and skills necessary to design, develop and instruct safe and effective MMA / Kickboxing Fitness programs for any population.

There are 3 CAQ Instructor Levels:

  • CAQ – Level 1 Instructor
  • CAQ – Level 2 Trainer
  • CAQ – Level 3 Master Trainer

Contact us for more specific and detailed information about the criteria for each CAQ Level.

Master Class Instruction

Master classes may be offered to both instructors and to general population membership in conjunction with any instructor training event.

Instructor Referral

Empower Training Systems (ETS) maintains a database of the instructors who complete training courses, workshops and CAQ programs with ETS. We can provide references for any instructor who is in our database. Facilities are welcome to check with us to find ETS-trained instructors. Instructors are encouraged to use ETS as a reference.