C⁴-A-R-B Course

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Suggested Course Completion Sequence:

  • Step 1. Download all Course Materials from the “Materials” tab shown above
  • Step 2. Read the Manual.
  • Step 3. Review the PowerPoints, which have video clips.
    • To watch the PowerPoint videos, hover your cursor over the video image – click on the arrow that appears, to start the video.
  • Step 4. Practice techniques, skills, drills and equipment use.
    • Review the manual information and analyze skill and drill performance, in regards to:
      • Safety concerns
      • Joint movement description
      • Movement/Technique execution and options
      • Any aspect that will require instruction by you in a class or training setting.
  • Step 5. Complete the final exam.
  • Step 6. Complete the provided Course Evaluation form.


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