C⁴-A-R-B Training

C⁴-A-R-B Training

C4-A-R-B is an acronym for very important components of an overall wellness and fitness program. The course provides written instructions (with potential modifications) and video demonstrations of various drills and activities that focus on enhancing and improving the following:


C4 – there are 4 sub-components for this:
  • Coordination – by learning and practicing various upper and/or lower body movement patterns and combinations of movement patterns.
  • Cognitive function – every drill can be used to challenge brain function by forcing the mind to stay engaged through cueing, mental tasks, etc.
  • Core – using unique footwork patterns with various types of loads, position changes and movement patterns to the upper body.
  • Cardio – elevates heart rate once the movements are “mastered”.

A – Agility – improve the ability to change direction quickly.
R – Reaction Time – the time between a stimulus (cue) and the desired movement.
B – Balance – manipulate variables that impact static and dynamic balance.


EmpowerUSA’s C4-A-R-B program course objectives are to:
  • Identify who can benefit from training
  • Explain why the methods and principles behind the program are safe and effective
  • Provide the rationale for training routines that include the following components:
    • Coordination
    • Core
    • Cognitive function
    • Cardio
    • Agility
    • Reaction time
    • Balance
  • Instruct how to perform various body movement patterns safely and effectively, including:
    • Single Step Patterns, with and without Arm Movements
    • Combination Step Patterns, with and without Arm Movements
  • Teach how to apply the concept of ‘Simple to Complex’ when designing and leading workout routines.
  • Identify and explain the numerous possible movement pattern variables that can be modified to properly challenge an individual.
  • Provide information about and instruction for various types of drills that could be used in a workout.
  • Teach the 5 basic single stepping patterns, along with various ways that these patterns can be combined into 2-Step and 3-Step patterns, with and without arm movements. These include:
    • V-Step
    • Lateral Step
    • Reverse V-Step
    • Anterior Cross-Over Step
    • Posterior Cross-Over Step
  • Provide teaching methods and drills that challenge and improve reaction time.
  • Explain methods that can be used to increase cognitive function during movement performance, thus improving brain health.
  • Teach the 63 potential foot positions that, if integrated into workouts, can enhance hip mobility, coordination, and agility.
  • Overall, provide trainers with new and unique training drills and methods that will keep participants positively motivated and challenged enough to continue to enhance the quality of life though improved function and performance of activities of daily living.


  • ACE – Pending
  • NASM – Pending
  • NETA – 12 CEU hours

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