Active Aging Fitness & Wellness

Active Aging Fitness & Wellness – Boxing-Kickboxing-Martial Arts

This program provides instruction and information necessary to design, develop and teach/lead safe, effective Boxing, Kickboxing & Martial Arts-based fitness workouts for the Active Aging population! It includes instruction on how to adapt these specific types of workouts to all levels of functionality, no matter what age (Active Aging is not defined by a number!)! Boxing, Kickboxing & Martial Arts activities enhance balance, agility, reaction time, coordination, cognitive function, muscular & cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility!


The course consists of 3 major sections:
  • Technique Instruction & Program Development – detailed instructions for technique and movement pattern performance, including potential safety modifications and effective exercise progressions, as applied to various functional levels of active agers.
  • Skills, Drills and Workout Routines – provides information about how to integrate boxing, kickboxing and martial arts training skills and drills into functional fitness workout routines. This section also includes in-depth information about how to use boxing/kickboxing-specific equipment safely and effectively, along with how to perform equipment drills in workout routines. Content also includes class and periodized program plan examples that can be used as models for instructors/ trainers.
  • Traditional Martial Arts Training – includes skills and drills, from the author’s traditional martial arts system, that can be learned and practiced for various physical training benefits including cardiovascular conditioning, coordination, agility, balance, reaction time development and much more!
  • NETA CEUs – 20 hours
  • ACE – Pending
  • NASM – Pending
  • WITS – Pending

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