Certified Self Defense Instructor – Level 3 Specialty Certification

Note: Must have successfully completed the CSDI Level 2 Specialty Certification.

There is no home study course materials for the CSDI Level 3

Complete the Practical Training!

Empower Training Systems provides the trainee(s) with 3 possible methods for completing the Practical Training segment (contact Empower for the details on the following 3 options)

  • Trainees travel to Empower Training Systems’ facility,
  • Empower Training Systems’ trainer travels to the trainees location, or
  • By video submission.

The trainee, with Empower Training Systems’ guidance, identifies and selects:

  • The curriculum and skills that are to be included in the live training, and
  • The method of delivery (3 options above).

Empower Training Systems develops and provides a proposal and fee quotation for the Practical Training to the trainee(s).

  • The trainee reviews and approves or requests a revision to the proposal.

There is no commitment until the trainee(s) is (are) satisfied with the proposal and quotation.